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                                                           ABOUT US 

Concourse Business Services,  founded in 2012, is an affiliated company of Concourse International, Inc. with its headquarters in Naples, Florida.  The company was formed by Charles Bailey with the primary mission of providing valuable assistance to individuals desiring to start their own business and consulting with existing business owners across a broad spectrum of challenges affecting their operations and profitability. 


The company operates on the principles of integrity and confidentiality; providing a simplistic and cost effective approach for each client.  After a complementary initial consultation, business "start-up" clients may wish to take advantage of a comprehensive plan to starting their business or request guidance on certain individual areas of concern.  Existing business owners can expect to have their individual requirements addressed on a case-by-case basis. In both cases, a team of highly qualified professionals will provide unequaled service at an affordable cost.

Charles is uniquely qualified to help you start your business or take your existing business to new heights.  His educational background and over four decades of business experience is your assurance that he can provide valuable solutions to your business challenges.

After obtaining a BS degree in Economics, Charles earned his MBA,

completed post graduate studies in accounting and later graduated with  honors from the Stonier School of Banking.


His business career includes highly responsible positions with Fortune 500 companies and principal ownership positions in several small business enterprises.  Charles has significant experience in several industry groups including consulting, banking and financial services, insurance, hospitality, retail fashion, real estate development and sales and in the construction industry.


In conjunction with the Small Business Administration (SBA), Charles was a Regional Director of several of the first Small Business Development Centers opened in the country.  He presented public seminars on how to start your own business, exporting, government contracting and other business topics and consulted with numerous small business owners to improve their operations and net income..  Additionally, Charles has served as an adjunct faculty member at several colleges and universities teaching a wide range of business courses.


In summary, Charles is ready and very capable of assisting you with your business needs. 

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